Overseas strategy symposium concerning Kaishan compressor business held in Leobersdorfer

2021-06-30 Leave a message

On April 3, important persons in charge from Kaishan’s companies based in various locations of the world get together in Kaishan’s LMF company based in Leobersdorfer near Vienna to hold an Overseas strategy symposium concerning Kaishan compressor business, the purpose of which is to further drive the strategic expansion from “China’s Kaishan” to “World’s Kaishan”.

According to Frost and Sullivan 2014, Kaishan is ranked 4th globally in the compressor industry. During a period of ten years, Kaishan has surpassed numerous peers to become one of the leading companies. Currently, in addition to factories in Quzhou, Shanghai, Guangdong and Chongqing, Kaishan has or is building factories in Leobersdorfer, Austria, and Mobil of Alabama. Kaishan has also operation centers established in Melbourne, Australia, Taizhong of Taiwan and Mumbai of India. Thus Kaishan’s global deployment framework has basically been formed.

Kaishan has set up an overseas operation division, which has product marketing department, brand marketing department, commercial support department and quality control department. Mr.Mark Ferguson, CEO of SCCA, a company of Kaishan in Melbourne, made the decision for this symposium, who has been appointed as the first president of kaishan’s overseas operation division. Mr.Mark Ferguson made a keynote speech, in which he pointed out that: he aims to build Kaishan as the compressor industry’s Huawei, a brand much respected by electronics markets. Kaishan can draw on its strong research and development capabilities, innovation capability, high product efficiency and quality. We will be proud to promote Kaishan brand.

It has been decided at the meeting that Kaishan will adopt a new logo signifying that Kaishan will look beyond Chinese market and beyond mining market and construction market. The new logo represents “the world’s Kaishan”. From now on, Kaishan sets out to become a company driven by innovation and having strong innovation capabilities in terms of highly efficiently using energy and producing truly green and new energy.

Chairman Cao Kejian made a conclusive speech, during which he pointed out that: from the aspects of research and development, innovation capabilities, and products, Kaishan already has the basis for global expansion. With the support from overseas operation division, the company aims to make progress in customer perception, market positioning and channel building. The Chairman concluded his speech by quoting Mr.Mark Ferguson: “with the same goal in mind, through our joint efforts, Kaishan will succeed in its transformation into a global market leader ”

The meeting also decided on rules of procedure.