Clarification regarding certain We Media’s announcement that the power generation in Kaishan’s geothermal power project in Indonesia will be delayed

2021-06-30 Leave a message

Last week, there was a we media which announced that Kaishan’s two geothermal power projects in Indonesia will be delayed until end of next year. With respect to that, we here quote Indonesia’s official announcement reported on Indonesia Business Newspaper as follows: the completion of the construction of the grid for the COD of SMGP plant will be postponed from August to December of this year or a little later, and the grid construction for SGI project is estimated to be completed in February next year. By then, both plants will be able to transmit power, realizing their respective COD.

The newspaper news is from Indonesia Business Newspaper dated November 28, 2018, 5th edition.

The following is electronic link for downloading the Indonesia Business Newspaper: